Crochet Superstars [Part I]

I know, I know, I’ve been dissapeared for a month now. Way too long! My big excuse is that my man came to visit me from Spain and we’ve spent three weeks having lots of fun hihi It is a great excuse, right? Now he’s gone. So I have nothing better than writing a post. Ha! Just kidding! ^_^

Ok, now. As I promised in this post I am going to dedicate a post to the 10 first superstars that joined the crochet flickr group! In fact, I’ve decided I’m going to dedicate two posts ‘cause there is lots to say and I don’t want to leave anything out! So this post is dedicated to the first 5 superstars and there will be a second part with the other 5. The order I will introduce them will correspond with to the order in which they joined the group. Sounds good? Let’s get started!

#1 Superstar LittleBeezz or Annick!
I was so happy to see that Annick had joined the club! She was the first one to do so and she is without a doubt a crochet SUPERSTAR. I know Annick because I meet her on Instagram a few months ago where she is known as @littlebejustmeI found her through her amazing crochet blankets. Please read again: amazing crochet blankets, such unbelieavable pieces of work. I just want to dig myself into all of her blankets and live there forever. The problem is I would probably have to fight for the blankets with her cat Lola. But I love cats, maybe I can keep her too? Ok, Annick is not talking to me again after this. Anyway, apart from blankets Annick does many other beautiful things including beanies, shoes, baskets, ponchos and my favorite… keychains! I recommend you to visit her flickr and instagram to see all the amazing things she does! Annick also has a blog (in Dutch… hello google translator!), go visit her and say hi! ^_^

#2 Superstar – Bruixeta2 or Lluisa!

Lluisa is from Cataluña, Spain (just like me!). She loves crafting but of course, what she likes the most is crocheting  Her biggest inspiration is her baby girl called Ilianna, the love of her life! She is a massage therapist during the day and I think she is a bit of good witch during the night ^_^ Apart from crafting Lluisa loves walking around the woods and mountains, dancing, reading, listening music and many other things. Last January Lluisa started a blog where she shares some beautiful things of her life as well as her craftings. She is married to an English fella and you’ll see that she writes perfect English! Right now Lluisa and her family are planning on moving to England so she is about to start a new phase in her life. Take a minute to wish her good luck on her blog! Good luck Lluisa!

#3 Superstar – latatisabel or Tatiana!

You might recognise Tatiana from this post that I wrote a few months ago. Tatiana is an arquitect from Venezuela with a natural gift for both crocheting and photography. She is the person behind ChiquiTICCa’s and has an instagram account full of beautiful and inspiring pictures. Currently she is taking a photography course to improve her skills… more beautiful pictures?! Difficult to believe. Take a look at her work and enjoy!

#4 Superstar – Adrihumanes or Adriana!

Oh Adriana, my dearest friend! She is from Venezuela but lives just a few blocks away from me. Adri leanrt how to crochet with her mom when she was just a little girl. Her crafting skills are infinite and at the moment she is working on two big projects. The first one is a beautiful crochet blanket which is already looking amazing and the second one is an online photography course! I’ve had a sneak peak of the course and I am already counting down the days to get it started! ❤ Want to see her in action? Go find her here ^_^


#5 SuperstarShirley Granja Espinosa or Shirley!

As soon as you take a look at Shirley’s work you realise that she has  a gift to work crochet in incredible detail. She is from Ecuador and  has a huge collection of baby clothes that she designs, makes and sells by advance order (you can do it by emailing her to shirleyge@gmail.com). Apart from crocheting Shirley makes lots of other different things such as jewellery and she has a facebook page where she constantly uploads pictures of her latest pieces of art. I am soo impresed by her huge crochet collection that I still can’t believe it! Such.A.Superstar!! 

So, amused by such Crochet Superstars? Don’t! I am sure you are one of us! If you still haven’t joined the group come join us and share your pictures with us. You can ready all about the group HERE and visit and join it HERE

Have a great weekend!

Love ya,



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