GIVEAWAY! ‘cause I love ya.

If you are an ipad user or a soon-to-be-ipad user, or you are thinking of becoming an ipad user, or your best friend, mom, sister or neighbourgh is an ipad user. If so. You need this ipad cover. 

Today because its Friday.
Because owls are cool.
Because I love ya.
I’m givingaway this owl ipad cover.

To enter this giveaway you just need to follow the 3 steps posted at the end of the post. But before doing that, lets take a look at this funky stitched owl. Have you ever seen a blue owl? Well, there you go:

They exist. 
And they have wings of different colours. 
One orange and one maroon.

They also have one green eye and a purple one. 
In the shape of a button.

Ok I’m making all this up.


If you are a dreamer just like me,
and you want a blue owl with button eyes
in your life… Follow these 3 easy steps:

Participants can be from ANY part of the world!
Winner will be announced Saturday 13th April.



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