DIY. Make your own stitch marker.
Do you use stitch markers? I’ve always marked my stitches using small bits of yarn; I make a not on the reference stitch and that’s it. I’ve always done this because I once fell in love with a marker that I saw in a crochet book and I thought: If I can’t have that marker I don’t want any other marker. I couldn’t find the marker anywhere, so I stopped looking and decided to use bits of left over yarns. I know. Please forget I ever told you this about me.

Anyway, the other day I saw some beautiful handmade makers and it suddently came to my mind: I can make some markers myself! Being such a DIY obsessive I was impressed that I hadn’t thought of this before. So a couple days ago I went to the craft shop and wandered around for a while looking for materials to make the markers. This is what I came up with and I though I should share it with you ^_^  It couldn’t be more simple:

1. Buy clasps, rings and beads. I picked them golden-old because they make me feel as if I had rescued them from the bottom of the Ocean… And red beads ‘cause red is my favorite colou❤ What would you pick?

2. Insert ring first through bead and then through clasp. So simple!

3. Enjoy! Cute, right?

Do ya like it? If you make one yourself I want to see it here! Or do you have your own favorite marker already? In case you missed it, in my last post I announced a very fancy community where I can finally see pictures of your crochet beauties and any thing crochet-related that you want to show me. It’s a place where you can show off all day long. I’ll be happy to see pictures of your favorite or DIY stitch markers there :) Read all about this fancy community here. The first 10 superstars to join the group will appear in a special post here in the blog. There are very few spots left, you don’t want to miss it! I will include any of your web/shop/blog links that you want me to here in the blog:)

Have a beautiful weekend!


Marta xoxo

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    1. ¡Qué apañada! Lo del pendiente es genial, no se me había ocurrido. Mola porque lo llevas puesto asi que siempre está a mano. Estoy pensando que el ganchito este me lo puedo colgar de una cadena o el llavero y así también lo tengo a mano ^_^ ¡Cuando hagas este lo quiero ver! :)

      Muchas gracias por tu mensajito ❤

      Un beso, Marta